Stuffed Mushrooms

It looks as delicious as it sounds, and probably tastes as delicious as well! Nice and small appetizers to serve to your guests (or you could eat them all yourself. I won’t judge).

stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed Mushrooms



Good Morning All

Good Morning everyone!

I’m new around here so I’m just getting the hang of things and how our illustrious owner does things so I’m playing catch-up.

We’re trying to spice things up and get them going again so I thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m Robin aka Breathesgirl, Breathes_girl, tj6james6 and probably a few others I’ve forgotten about.

I’m a fanfiction writer, which is how kittyinaz and I ‘met’. I also post recipes on my own site, along with any stories I write, book reviews by myself and others and I have another site where I post pretty much anything else which interests me.

I help others on their sites, as well as proofread/preread fanfiction and published authors before their works go out to the public and now I’m finally getting a little more active in something other than my books and crafts :).

Any way…We’re trying to get this blog more active again so we will be working behind the scenes to get things ready. If you have any ideas or recipes please send them to

Now, here’s one I LOVE.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust and the review I wrote on it review. It is totally gluten free, vegetarian (has eggs and parmesan cheese) and totally yummy!

I’m happy to be here and hope you enjoy the recipe!