Is anyone here?

Well… I am!

I have this handy nifty program called One Note, and it turns pictures (aka Recipes) into copyable text.  So instead of Megan having to type all these up, we may have an easier way to go about this!  Yes… She hand typed each and every single recipe in here…  So why don’t we show her some love!!!

The recipes I have done for today (since I have others, but want to spread them out here…) are as follows: (click on the image or words)

Tangy Green Beans

White Chocolate and Raspberry S’mores

Bacon-Wrapped Taters

Blueberry Milkshakes (healthy and low in calories and fat!)

I will be back with more later!!! (I have some writing and databasing to do, and I think you guys want that stuff too right?