Bacon Appetizer

That should get your mouth all watery. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon on a cracker. Bacon.

It might also work with that yummy ham you made a couple of days ago, you know, for Thanksgiving? That is, if you didn’t send all the leftovers home with the guests. (Shame on you if you did.)

Bacon appetizer
Bacon on a Cracker



Roast a Turkey

Because it isn’t a Thanksgiving without a turkey! Unless you call the president and hold a party over one turkey that doesn’t get eaten that year. I’m European, can you tell? Anyway, enjoy your non-pardoned turkey!

Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey
Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

And for when you have bits of turkey left over, you can make some delicious panini!

leftover thanksgiving panini
Leftover Thanksgiving Panini

Enjoy! *flaps arms like a bird while making turkey sounds*

Pork and pineapple on a stick

Is there anything better? Yes. More pork and pineapple on a stick is always better. With the amount of ‘making a shish-kebab out of someone’ jokes I have to take out of my thoughts daily, of course I would like a kebab recipe! Especially with pork. And pineapple. Did I mention those already? Pork. Pineapple.

Teriyaki Pork & Pineapple Kebabs