Bi Weekly Menu #4

I am so bad.  But I was sick.  Then this story took over.  But mostly I was sick.  So Sick that Marty, my hubs went shopping.  I will now tells you guys this wonderful app for your phone call OurGroceries.  You sign up one account, and have the others share that account.  Then you can update the list from your phone, computer, tablet whatever.  It is a Apple/Android app.  And you can have users use it across all devices.

I have spent a lot of time, and have actually assigned categories to the items, allowing us to shop by the aisle we are in.  I even have one for Sam’s Club for the stuff we get there.  That way I can type in Minute Rice (Which you get a super box of it for $5 at Sams!) and it remembers to put it in the list that way.  If the item is one that is wishy washy, I put leave it in the not organized thing.  This list also allows you to put recipes in it, and with a tap, you can have the recipe ingredients moved over.  To mark it done, tap and it is crossed off.

My family uses this to remind others that hey, we need milk, and often will check the app to see if it has anything in the list.  When I was in AZ, my in-laws used the list to remind themselves of things they needed to pick up.

Now there are bad things, like I talked about Chicken with hubs, but forgot to put it on the list, something I would have picked up anyways.  But hey one mishap, (Ok two, seems I will be making a lot of biscuits, the self rising flour got on the list again).

As most of you may know, I finished the office this week, but somewhere, I subtracted WAY more money than I needed to.  So I thought I was working with a VERY limited budget.  I came in under $200.  Here is the list:

Peirgoies (We had these already, but I didn’t make them last time so they made it on this list, and I made them when I was sick… easy meal and I could go back to moaning.)

Rigatoni (I had him getting the Sam’s club sauce which is three at a time.  I am trying to build up a cupboard with things like this.  When we need a week of cheap meals, it is there already. And I planned to have this twice.)

Grilled Cheese, (Never got made so added to this week again. Plus the bread was gone.  Bread never lasts in this household, its like the milk and teas.)

Chicken Bolognaise. (Remember the last time I made it, I made ALOT of the base sauce?  Yeah here is where it is starting to pay of.  I get to pull out one of the frozen bags of sauce & heat it up.)

Porcupine Balls

Chicken Pot Pie*

Chicken and Rice


Ok Wendy.  How are you going to deal with no chicken?  Easy.  It’s a $1 a lb at the local HEB.  CHEAP!!  So I may ask for him to pick it up, or I may go out tomorrow and pick it up myself.  I need some ice cream.

The star?  The new recipe I am going to try this week.  I need to make one with the yucky vegggies, and one my way.  So we will see.  Once I do it, (Since I will be making it up as I go) I will let you guys know.

Porcupine Balls.  This is what my father, John Larrick, called the stuff that makes up the inside of Stuffed peppers and Cabbage rolls.  See, I don’t like Green Peppers, but I LOVE the flavor of them.  He got tired of me not eating them, and since I refused cabbage.  (I have a sensitive stomach, cabbage?  Hell no, think lots of pain), he made this up on the spot.  And named them Porcupine balls to needle me.  The green peppers are cut up in them, and I will eat them that way.  But they are a Russian poor man meal (And Polish, so I will say Slavics.)  They are the meatloaf of Slavics.

Since he made up the recipe on the spot, and taught me it that way, I will have to watch what I put into them.  Have you ever made something, and have done it so often you really are not conscious of what you put into it?  Yeah, that is these.  Though my Mother In Law gave me an easy thing to follow, instead of making a lot of regular rice (in fact I only ever bought rice for this meal) put uncooked Minute rice.  It will soak up the juices and help keep it together.  I’ll let you know how it works.

That is it for this week.  Sorry it is late, but hey, I couldn’t even get to the store I was so sick.  Blogs come after I am sorry to say.




Bi weekly Menu 3

Yikes am I late doing this.  Family drama and family emergencies just tired you out.

Ok.  This time for shopping I had a quandary.   No sales on anything I could use!   So this time, I had to use my brain for things.  But I had some breaks.  I don’t know about you guys, there are some days I just don’t feel like cooking, or it was declared Pizza day.  Something came up so I could recycle 3 meals.  I had the roast pulled out, the chicken for the soup still around, and the frozen family Stouffers.

So the menu became:

(the above mentioned recycled meals)






Beef Bourgandy

Grilled Cheese

Pulled Pork

Now you might be wondering what Peirogies are.  they are from the Slavic areas (Poland and Russia) but they have dough pockets filled with stuff.  I say stuff cause traditionally, they can be filled with Potato and cheese (the ones we eat here, since it is my favorite), sauerkraut, fruit or anything your heart desires.   I grew up on the Catholic & Russian Orthodox churches making the  peirogies to raise money for them, and they would be a bunch of old ladies in the back talking as they made them in huge amounts.  My Bubba loved to make them, then she would take the leftovers to make a wonderful other dish.  Sadly, she passed away with no recipe, but with the fact I can still taste the dish to this day.  Normally you boil the peirogies in water, then you sauté onions in butter and eat it that way (my way).  Or fry them in the butter and onions, or whatever you want.  I buy Mrs. T version.  There are rumors of making them again.  When this is done, we do them in a large group to make it fun and easier.   Once we do that, I will let you guys know the recipe and so on.

Meatloaf, I made that yesterday.  I took 2.5 lbs of turkey meat ground, added two green peppers diced up and a half a LARGE onion then added two eggs, and Italian bread crumbs.  My mom, old pro at meatloaf, cause normally I avoid the stuff like the plague, helped out.   I used Season Salt and that is it folks.  I added to a loaf pan (not my good pampered chef one, I make a lot of bread in that and am protective of it) then I added ketchup on the top.  Now for me, I hate the taste of ketchup in meatloaf.  But… It is time honored tradition.  After more than an hour in the oven, I pulled it out.  We had mashed potatoes (secret for those that don’t know.. one potato for each and one for the pot.  Never fails.) and corn with it.  Good stuff.

I made the Roast on Sunday after shopping.  I made a traditional roast.  Make a rack of veggies for it to sit on made out of chunky onions, celery and garlic cloves.  I had a small head left after the previous week so I used it up in there.  Marty browned the roast, and I cut up potatoes.  We put the roast in the Covered Baker, surrounded it with potatoes, carrots and put ALOT of thyme in it (I accidently spilled it. It turned out well!) Beef broth to make sure there is moisture in the baker.  I ended up adding water to make the potatoes have some on it.  Baked for 3 hours, (LARGE roast) and then made gravy out of the juices left, and served.  Gone…

For the Beef Bourgandy and Stroganoff, we have Rachel Ray altered recipes for those that are sent in.

And for those that wonder, Yes I came in under the $300 budget.  By $30.  So proud of that one.



Menu #2

I am so sorry.  I seem to be saying that so much, but if you are interested in why I am saying it, then visit my blog.  But I did make a menu for the next two weeks, and even sent in the recipes.  Well some of them.  Chili will need to be written after I make it, since it was one of those, oh crap, I need to make dinner… And since I cannot make my dad’s chili that is soupy, I made what my grandma calls Friday Night Chili.  Very meaty based, and is chock full of flavor.  I also ended up switching out meals, as whole chickens were on sale at Sam’s club and I got two of them.  And Marty found the fish fillet’s for sandwiches, and told me about it pointedly after we bought fish, so I guess we are having sandwiches this week!

The menu:


Macaroni and Cheese (I had forgotten the Velveeta that makes this Better Homes and Garden recipe more like Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese)

Cheese Lasagna from Stouffers (On sale at HEB, buy one, get stuff for free thing.)




Pork Tenderloin

Roasted Chicken


Chicken Noodle Soup

Fried Fish

Fish sandwiches

Chicken Bolognese

This menu came with revisions on the spot in the stores, as I had planned to make something with chicken skinless boneless chicken but when the difference is $10 from buying a package, and buying two whole chickens?  yeah I bought the chickens.  At the worst scenario, is that Marty would have to cut up the chicken for me to use, as he used to do this at Grandy’s, not so hard for us.  But I make Chicken Noodle soup with whole chickens, since the bones and skins and all that seem to add to the flavor.  I will have to write that one up, since I make that one as I go.

I also perused the local HEB ad before shopping.  Now HEB is a local Texas thing, but it often offers free items if you buy something else.  They are also awesome with having coupons on site that they gather from the makers of the products they carry.  Now they may not get every single one of them, but they try!  Right now, they are still working to go from your phone, but they are working towards it.  they also price match, and with Kroger’s, Super Target and Super Wal-Mart in a five mile radius from them, they do the price matching themselves.   They also carry hard to find things, like the brand of Fire Roasted Tomatoes I use is Muir.  I never can find them at Kroger’s, Walmart or even Super Target. Their meat and produce is also really good.  So when I shop ads, I shop theirs.  Sorry everyone outside Texas, but hey, no guarantee that my ads would have matched yours anyways.

The first thing you normally see is meat.  I wrote down the meals I could make, made note of the pricing, and since we go to Sam’s Club first, I compared prices there.  I also make decisions based on what the free stuff is.  Ground Turkey meat had a special, but it cost more for the meat there than the Sam’s, the difference being that I could buy everything free and still come out cheaper.  Smart shopping.  I did it today, and to feed a family of 4, with starving people, and my hubby feeding his poor coworkers (I just found that out when I wondered how the leftovers were disappearing so fast.) I spent $310.   This counts for snacks, paper goods and so on.  The deal we made with my parents, is that we paid for food and made it, and that was our contribution.  For the last month (Counting todays shopping) I spent over $600 in food alone.  And because of the redecorating, the Chicken fajita went to waste, because I was plain too tired to make them.  I fell into bed only waking to realize I only ate breakfast the day before.  I pushed myself in ways my family can tell is unreal, but I do when I want something done.  Almost torn ligament in my knee from exercising, then rearranged the house on it anyone?  That is when my hubby gets involved, and part of the reason he stayed home today.  To make sure I don’t push myself.  I had mentioned cleaning the house and grocery shopping.  With the last few days, he was slightly alarmed.

So since this is our major cost, since what we pay for food excels what we used to pay for our share of the house and electric, I try to save money.   That is what I am trying to share.  LOL  While being wordy.

So after I picked the meat, I made dinners, and thankfully, like my hubby and mom say, I am a walking cookbook.  Since I learned what makes what taste like, I can see something for sale, and figure out how to use it.  But, you guys can use the Food blog.  I am putting recipes out here as fast as I think of them, and the other ladies are doing the same!  We are trying what we can to make it easier for you, so let us know.

See you guys soon!!

Oh yeah, since I made the Rigatoni tonight, let me lift the description of what I told the ladies, then what it really was:

What I said: Rigatoni with mozzarella layered on top, and hot fresh sauce and hot fresh bread with butter…

What it really is: I had rigatoni with mozzarella with ragu sauce and store bought French bread heated back up.   Amazing what words can do to change what something sounds like..




::Looks around carefully::  So I decided to hijack the food blog.  Why?  Cause I am bored.   LOL!!

I had an idea, and you guys need to Comment on here if you like it.  If so, maybe the Megan and the WordPress Whisperer can do something with it.

I am starting to cook again.  Like cook all the meals for the family.  I like home cooked meals, and I used to be very good with it.  So I am going to tackle it again.

First I am giving you the Menu (And later, if Robin has time she can link meals to recipes)

  • Fish Sandwiches
  • Tacos
  • Baked Spaghetti
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Monterey Spaghetti
  • Chicken & Rice
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Nachos
  • Pork Loins (battered and fried in Olive oil and has a die for sauce)
  • Freebird Style Chicken burritos
  • Enchilada Chicken Twist (Pampered Chef)

Now I can tell you how I came up with the meals.  I try to make meals interesting, and make enough to leave leftovers and also use the same things I am already shopping for to build on other meals.   Interested??  Ok here is the breakdown of this week:

I came up with Fish Sandwiches, which would use Premade fish (Cause I like easy stuff sometimes) and they use buns, and lettuce.

Then I came up with Tacos, that I make specially (if you guys are interested, I will write it up, but it is using the kit from Taco Bell).  This uses Lettuce, Cheese, Salsa, Seasoning, Turkey Meat, Cilantro.  And some people like Sour Cream and soft shells instead of the hard ones.  I make 2.5 pounds of meat in this so I normally have a lot of Taco Meat left over.

Then I know my hubby has been asking for Baked Spaghetti.   I make 2 dishes of this, one with Mushrooms and olives in it, and one without.  I needed Turkey Meat, Green Peppers, Cheese, Cream of Mushrooms, the afore mentioned Mushrooms and Olives, along with Spaghetti and onions.

My hubby announces as I make the list, he needs to make the homemade mac and cheese for the ladies at work.  So more cheese, onions, milk, and elbow macaroni.

I looked over the list, and started to make meals based on what I am buying already, and realized since I am already getting Sour Cream, spaghetti, I would need frozen Chopped spinach and Monterrey jack to make another meal, Monterey Jack Spaghetti.

I came up with Nachos, already having the meat from left over tacos, cheese and bought the Tostitos to make it work.  There are jalapenos and stuff here.

Still looking over everything, I noted that a favorite of my hubbys is not on there, Chicken and Rice, And Sam’s had a sale for Chicken Breasts boneless.   It needed to have onions, (which I already bought) Rice, Cream of mushroom soup, chicken broth, Cream Cheese.  This is a recipe I have no idea how to write down, since I make it as I go, and add what I think it needs, but I will try this time!

Seeing the Chicken Broth made Pork Loins wafer thin recipe pop up in my head, and I ALWAYS have Bread Crumbs on hand.  (They are handy)  I also love the Italian ones, so set.  I bought Asparagus, and plan to make the Chive and onion cream sauce.  They pour it over everything, including the rice I make as a side dish.

I also noticed that I had Everything except the crescent roles and green chilies for Chicken Enchilada Twist.  It’s from Pampered Chef, so I will find it for you.  It takes sour cream in and some other stuff I already bought.

I had planned to make Pulled Pork, using the buns up, but, we went to Sam’s, and found the Jack Daniels Pulled Pork was $12 for 2 lbs, which was much cheaper than I was finding Pork shoulders.   So I bought it instead.

The last thing I planned was Freebird style burritos, I ALWAYS have fajita seasoning around, it works for quick dinners way too often. I have some REALLY large chicken breasts from Sam’s, that I got for the Chicken and Rice.  It works up well, I preslice it since the first time I made this, the grill broke, and I had to come up with a solution quickly.  Freebird style is exactly what it sounds like.  Put what you like on them, and wrap them up the way they do at Freebirds.  I love on my one I am eating now to have lettuce, cheese, sautéed onions, salsa.  Then I make some for lunches, and leave out the lettuce.  It never heats up right.  I also saute the green pepper for those that like it.

That is how I plan out the dinners, I have some frozen fish in case leftovers don’t work like I plan, But that is how I plan the week out.  Some favorites, sale items were planned, and I do shop Sam’s club, since as you can see from above, I use a lot of recipes.  I also usually have a rigatoni night, but due to my mom’s special diet, I am trying to limit pasta.

Let us know if you want to hear more about this.  I planned for 2 weeks of meals, having leftover nights, and people go out to eat a lot.  So I worked around this.  Plus I am needing to build my cupboard back up so I can make some things.