Smothering the steak

I had personally never heard of smothered steak. After careful Google Translate translating, I found out I had never heard of it in my own language either. So I’ve noted this down as a ‘sounds delicious, should definitely try in one of my mum’s veggie pans’. I’m playing with my life there!

Ahum, anyway, here is the recipe to the smothered steak!

Smothered Steak



This dish is beefy

I should probably stop attempting to make horrible jokes, but I just can’t help it. Beefy. Beef. McBeefy.

Anyway, this little recipe is a main dish that shouldn’t take too long to make. Well, after you’ve finished the excellent marinating (marinading? Word thinks they’re both fine) of the meat of course. And I say excellent, because now I can actually make my own marinating-stuff instead of using the store-bought sprinkles.

With some veggies added as well, this dish soon becomes a delicious dinner to enjoy!

Marinated Beef

(Note to self, remove the bell peppers if I don’t want my poor mouth to catch fire)