Are You Cooking The Feast Tomorrow?

Then here are some tricks that have been told and verified this morning by me!

For the Grandma’s Stuffing, the loaf of bread will need to be toasted and torn up to dry overnight.  The cornbread will also need to be made and crumbled.  I personally put it in the oven with a drying cycle since my oven does that, and I have a Stormy who loves bread.  You can also precut up the veggies so that in the morning you can just worry about makign the stuffign and stuffing the turkey.

You can make the Sweet Potato Casserole the night before and just reheat the following day if your oven space is limited.  It is so delish that no one will notice.

I am cooking 2 dozen of my 3 dozen rolls.  The last dozen will be tomorrow, but the rest will be reheated and served then.  I have a group taht will devour those first rolls, but the second round wouldn’t go until they are cold anyways.  No loss.

The Nancy’s Cheese Ball is best made the day before, so I will be making that.

For the Green Bean Casserole, well we have found a couple of ways to do that one.  One, if you have a rotisserie machine going, put your casserole dish on top and it will cook it. (true Story!).  Two) Make it in the crock pot.  You are only melding the flavours together, everything is already cooked.  Three) I accidently put mine over the vent from the oven one year and it cooked it.  Nice and bubbly.

Potatoes for the Mashed Potatoes (and the Sweet Potato Casserole if you don’t bake it the night before) can be done 8-12 hours before.  As long as you refridgerate and cover them in water.  (Cooking Light had that tip).

Make sure your Turkey is thawed!  If Tom is not ready, put him in a sink of water overnight and he will be less crunchy when you need him.

And some tips for tomorrow, Sitting the turkey out to ‘set’ actually does work.  I pull the turkey out, and then load everything else up to finish.  He gets cooled for awhile, then when I am ready to make the gravy (aka when I say I am getting ready) they get carving and I finish up things.  Best thing is to get help, since to get it out on the table takes multiple hands.  Mashed Potatoes and Gravy need to be the last things done since both cool quickly.

I hope this helps you out.  There are tons of sites out there helping out people with their Turkey day.


One thought on “Are You Cooking The Feast Tomorrow?

  1. tj6james6

    A couple of years ago I discovered that keeping a pound of butter in a small pot on the stove vent means I don’t have to constantly be back and forth to the microwave to melt it whenever the recipe calls for it, plus it can be used even when the recipe calls for regular or softened butter.


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