No this site is not dead…yet


Nope the site is not dead, just a lot of us going through real life, and it makes it hard for us to think Food blog. And it isn’t just here, my tea blog is also lacking.  Sorry!

But I figured, while we are talking in the chats, we are talking lunch meats.

Yeah… lunch meats.

Now, I have no issues against Subway, but really, lately everything has been dry.  I can’t get a good sandwich from them, and that is a shame.  I love Subway.  I love sandwiches, and they turned me off them the last couple of months.

But, it is the summer time, and sandwiches are an easy, none heating the house up alternative.  Now, we have a store here in Texas called HEB.  They make some awesome stuff, but we also have Boar’s Head and so on.  So… I decided to wonder back to sandwich time, since my eating and sleeping schedule is all messed up.  And sandwiches are a good way to eat something and try to stay somewhat healthy.

See, I don’t like veggies.  However, due to my mom’s hard work, I will eat some veggies.  And as we all know, I will experiment.

So, I order a pound of Mesquite Smoked Roast Beef.  If you like roast beef and mesquite flavored stuff, this is a win.  It is delicate, but there is just enough that you get the full flavor, without loosing the other stuff.  I conferred with my parents, and they told me, as buyers of much sandwich meat, they use a 2 slice.  The problem with a one, is that sometimes they shave it, and I can tell you my 2 is much thicker than I thought it would be.

I also ordered a half pound of White American Cheese.  My secret love affair with this cheese has caused my hubby to try to replace it other ways.  But I cannot explain the difference of flavor and smoothness with this cheese.  I love it on sandwiches and burgers made with it?  Oh MYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

I grabbed a head of lettuce, mayo (Real stuff) and got Nature’s Own Butter bread.  I also ordered another 1/2 pound of Fajita Chicken, but let me tell you, don’t waste your money on it.  It didn’t taste any different.

I made a sandwich later that night, putting bread, cheese, the meat (Cause I hate soggy bread), then I put the mayo on one side, and the lettuce on that, closed, then cut diagonally  Why?  Because I like it that way. Sue me. (Not really I have no money, but yeah)

Now I am betting some of you are asking, why normal bread slices?  When Ike rolled through, my bosses at American National asked us to come in to work, and they provided food and drinks for us.  See, when a hurricane comes through, the water supply is often contaminated.  Also, the electricity goes out, which causes food to spoil.  So most restaurants and stores are closed. We were in an area that escaped a lot of damage, but there was still damage.  Hurricane strength winds flinging branches, rocks, tops of buildings and gas stations around is nothing to take lightly.  I worked in a satellite office, that quickly became stuffed with other departments.  It had electricity and no damage.

To get us back to work, and since I could work for many departments, I was considered core personal, since I could take over the need to do for 3-5 departments that I had training in, another that I hated but could do, and then there was my actual job.  They made deals, and one of them was food.  Randall’s, next to us, had gotten a shipment in since it was one of the running stores with only loss of power their only issue.  They threw out the contaminated food, but they got shipments of lunch meats, but not the people to bake their breads.  So we got sandwiches, on regular bread.

It was sooo good.  Soft bread, with meat and cheddar cheese (And tomatoes, that I promptly took off and other sandwich stuff).  Since then, I prefer to have regular bread instead of sandwich bread.  Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the first to order the Italian seasoning bread at Subway, but for home?  Yeah a loaf of bread would work.

I also found that Cheddar is great with sandwiches.  And that started with more experiments.  Fresh Thyme is awesome on sandwiches as is fresh oregano.  And I mean fresh here.  Out of my herb garden fresh.

I am slow on this experimenting thing, but hey.  I am trying.  Until then, I will go off and enjoy a sandwich.  What?  It has dairy,meat, bread and veggies in it.  Its healthier!