It’s The Weekend!!!!

Yay for Friday!!! I’m sure everyone is glad to be off for the weekend!

Anyone have any special plans this weekend? Me, I am doing a bit of baking and Sunday I am going to a  cookout, my step-sis is turning 20 yrs old. I am feeling old lol.

Since Easter is just around the corner, our Facebook page has a few recipes. I am going to try a couple. I will also be posting pictures of ideas for Easter.

The link to our page is here:

What are you doing for Easter?

If anyone wants me to make a post about what I am baking, let me know and I will take pictures for ya’ll and write about my experience while baking!

Like always if you have any recipes you would like to share, please send it our email address, we look forward to seeing different recipes. Also if you have any suggestions please send us a comment or through email 🙂

Until next time!



Pondering Thoughts

Have you ever just decide to mix things just to see how it will taste? I had this thought today while I went to cook my dinner in my crock pot.

I realized that I didn’t have the type of gravy but I was just too lazy to go to the store real quick and get the right one. So tonight I am having potatoes, carrots with cube steak and chicken gravy.

Sounds weird, right? Same here so I am hoping that it turns out right lol.

I shall let you all know how it turns out!

What did you all do to improvise when you don’t have an ingredient or two?

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Warm weather is starting to show up finally! We are getting rain but it is better than the cold and snow.

Until Next Time,