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Welcome to the Kittyinaz’s Group Food Blog!

This started out as a site to compile recipes with my ladies in the group.  Instead, it has turned into a repository of different recipes that the wonderful ladies who work on the blog as well as when I contribute my own recipes I find interesting.  I have used it to direct even my family here since it is much easier to load recipes here and let them come and get them.  We highly recommend you do the same!

As you can see, we are streamlining the menu system as well as make it easier to find what you are looking for.  You can search by ingredient and we hope it will come up!  Due to our ladies being awesome our categories are listed to also help you find recipes.

To help you use the new site easier, we have limited the main items to the ones listed on top.  With the advice of someone who understands menus in a restaurant, we based them off of that.  Some items would not be listed, but we inserted them where we thought they would fit.  We wanted to make this easier for you to find recipes.  If you click on the main menu description, (i.e. Breads) you will get a list of recipes with their pictures, who submitted it, as well as the Prep and Cook times.  It will be separated into their submenus so that you can see how the menu is set up.  But also, these are drop-down menus to the sub-categories.  Since we were getting so many recipes, we could see that the menu systems that was previously used were getting unwieldy for a tablet user.  To correct this, we went for this simpler, cleaner theme to showcase the recipes.

Feel free to comment on the site, we are always looking for input, while we work on moving the old site over to the new settings.  It will take a bit, but all your old favorites are still here.

Once we are done with moving the recipes into the new format, we will put up a mew front page to make it easier to jump right into the site!


Kittyinaz, tj6james6, & missaliceunsub

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